1st Student Contest

Student Cultural Creations in the cradle of Civilization

The «Greek – European Student Conferences», ELEMASYN, announces the student project: “Student Cultural Creations in the cradle of Civilization” (SCC), which will take place in Athens in the spring of 2021.

1st Conference Schedule

Day 1

11 March

Opening Ceremony

Sismanoglio Megaro

Day 2

12 March

Project Presentations

Session A

Project Presentations

Session B

Day 3

13 March

Project Presentations

Session C

Project Presentations

Session D

Day 4

14 March

Experiential Learning Activities

Visits to Museums, Monuments, acquaintance with the culture of Constantinople.

Departure: 15 March

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Under the Auspices of the
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

In collaboration with
Consulate General of Constantinople