1st Student Contest

Student Cultural Creations in the cradle of Civilization

The «Greek – European Student Conferences», ELEMASYN, announces the student project: “Student Cultural Creations in the cradle of Civilization” (SCC), which will take place in Athens in the spring of 2021.

Participation Terms

All students of Europe, including Greece, the Greek Diaspora as well as Cyprus, can participate in “Creations of Culture 2021”.

Schools can submit individual projects, as well as team projects. Students’ work must be original, that is, the project cannot be a reproduction of a pre-existing work.

The goal of the 1st European Student Contest: “Creations of Culture” is to introduce the Students to an alternative way of learning. At the end of the Contest, ELEMASYN’s Award Committee will select 3 students to receive their rewards.

The 1st European Student Contest is a perfect opportunity for students to demonstrate their originality, sensitivity and creativity.

Contest results will be announced in Spring of 2021.



More than 47 Schools from Greece and Constantinople.



More than 78 students' Projects will be presented during the Conference.



More than 630 students will participate.


Students who wish to participate in ELEMASYN’s “Creations of Culture 2021” are kindly requested to send an inquiry by January 20, 2020.

To apply, please fill Participation Form.

Further information regarding participation will be e-mailed by ELEMASYN.


ELEMASYN will sponsor 3 rewards to 3 Students.

Certificates of participation, will be distributed to all students who will submit a project.

All projects will be included in the «Conference Proceedings of the Creations of Culture», which will be released in June 2021 in digital format.


The Competition Committee will vote for 3 students, who will be awarded MasterClass scholarships as well as Gift Vouchers.

Participation fee

The cost for each student who wishes to participate is € 20.00.

The payment can be fulfilled exclusively through an interbank transaction which will be followed by the invoice for the payment.

Inquiry Form

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