1st Student Contest

Student Cultural Creations in the cradle of Civilization

The «Greek – European Student Conferences», ELEMASYN, announces the student project: “Student Cultural Creations in the cradle of Civilization” (SCC), which will take place in Athens in the spring of 2021.

Student Educational Activities and Experiential Learning

Conferences and Schools

Greek – European Student Conferences, aka ELEMASYN, organizes Student Conferences aiming to broaden the horizons of pupils of every country through educational activities.

We firmly believe that the School, as a Social Institution but also as a Public Good, should play a more complex role than preparing children to enter University; The School must ensure that every young person is able to discover and cultivate their skills.

ELEMASYN admits that there are no “capable” nor “incapable” children. According to Howard Gardner‘s Multiple Intelligence Theory, every child is “hidden” in one or more of the 9 forms of intelligence, and we ought to coordinate, gently but effectively identify them for each and every citizen of tomorrow.

ELEMASYN’s goal is to contribute to this effort.