Conference Projects

The Projects for the Conference

On this page you will find all the specifications for the task or tasks that the students will carry out.

Types of Projects


Presentation Duration


Project Language


Useful Tips


The 3rd International Student Conference will take place in Prague March 1 - 5, 2024. Only few seats are available. Please contact us if you wish to participate, or join our Waiting List.

Στο 2ο Διεθνές Μαθητικό Συνέδριο έχει τεθεί ως Θεσμικός Εταίρος το Ευρωπαϊκό Κοινοβούλιο και λαμβάνει χώρα υπό την Αιγίδα του. Επιπλέον έχει τεθεί υπό την Αιγίδα του Δήμου της Φλωρεντίας, της Ιεράς Μητροπόλεως Ιταλίας και Εξαρχίας Νοτίου Ευρώπης και του Ελληνικού Προξενείου στη Φλωρεντία.


Reservations for the 3rd International Student Conference have begun! Reservation deadline: depends on availability.


Types of Projects

The students, divided into groups of 35, choose one of the following types of work:

Oral briefing – presenting information with pictures and/or videos

Discussion or disagreement between 2 parties (debate)

Representation of creation - technique (eg: embroidery, painting, etc.)

Discussion with the audience – interactive presentation


Dancing Act

Theatrical Play (fictional or reenactment)

Music - singing

Mockup demonstration, construction*

Poster - Painting - Collage *

* Posters and constructions/models are part of the 3rd International Student Conference Exhibition.
The Exhibition is a separate part of the Conference, during which student groups who have chosen these types of work will have the opportunity to talk about their work. Availability is limited.

Presentation Duration

The ``golden`` 10

The time available for each presentation is from 8′ to 10′.
The time may seem short, but it is enough to present your topic.

Considering the audience

It is worth noting that the majority of the audience in the conference hall is students.
This means that a “short” presentation will hold their interest, as opposed to a long and tiring presentation.

Considering the Participants

Particularly important is the number of presentations. In each Session, students will attend several presentations. Therefore, it will be much more enjoyable for them to watch your presentation when it is the right length. Finally, we point out that all Schools share the total time of the Session. Exceeding the time of 10′, therefore, we are depriving time of another School.

Project Language

Official language of each Country

Through the International Student Conferences, we aim for all languages to be heard, from all participating Schools. What we wish is for Schools to create a “mosaic” of languages and dialects. Therefore, each School is free to choose the language in which it wishes to present.

In this case, it is useful to have an English version of the texts (if any) or English subtitles.

International language

Schools may choose to present in English, which has been established as an international language.

But, as in the case above, the translation into the official language of the country where the School comes from is equally important.

Useful Tips

Presentations with an average length of 8min have the best audience response.

Try to find an unusual topic for your project. A popular topic is always an easy solution, but it will hardly be original. For example, if your subject of choice is ``The Life of Franz Kafka``, it's likely that others will have chosen it as well.

If you choose to give an oral presentation with PowerPoint, remember that to keep the audience engaged, the PowerPoint should follow the ``Rule of 7/7``. More specifically, to have 7 lines per slide and 7 words in each line.

Remember that the final recipient of the students' projects are their fellow classmates. Thus, is it a great opportunity to give children the freedom to create what they themselves wish to present. Let the work for the Conference be the occasion to let their imagination run free and create according to their desire!

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