How to Participate

Who participates in ELEMASYN®'s Conferences?

High school and high school students can participate in the ELEMASYN® Conference.

ELEMASYN® actions are a great opportunity for young women and men to explore the world of Culture, Environment, Science, Technology, share ideas and be inspired by their classmates.

Reservations for participation in our Conferences are made exclusively by schools and are for groups. This means that individual reservations are not accepted. At ELEMASYN®, we want to give all children the opportunity to participate. Therefore we do not select schools.

The Conference lasts 5 days. 2 Sessions are planned for each day: morning and afternoon. Subject to availability, Booking Schools may choose the day and Session to present their work. If they book on the Waiting List, they will be notified of availability.

Each School participates in one (1) Session and its presence is necessary throughout this Session. The stay of the school in the city of the Conference is not necessary on all days.

Every school that is interested and makes a reservation automatically participates in the Conference for which it made the reservation.

The participation deadline depends on the availability of places. As places are limited, we recommend that you make a Reservation as soon as possible to ensure your participation.

*Some steps will apply from the next Congress onwards.

Steps to Attend the Conference


Create Account


Booking & Payment


Choice of Presentation Mode


Send Participation Form


Assignment Assignment

Create Account

You must register to be able to submit your Booking.

Create an account (registration) on the “MY ACCOUNT” page

If you are already registered, enter the email you signed up with and press “Login”. If you don’t remember your password, then just enter the email you used and press “Reset Password”. You will receive an automatic email to choose a new password.

Making a Reservation

Reservations are only made online and for all participating students.

Once logged in, go to the “Reserve Seats” page. Select the positions according to the number of students (without names) who will participate and proceed to add your details. You will then select a payment method and press “SEND RESERVATION”. You will immediately receive an automatic email that your Booking has been successfully submitted and is on Hold for 10 days.

Your Booking is only secured upon payment, which takes place within 10 days from the date of submission. Otherwise, the Booking is canceled to free up the places and allocate them to another School.

You can pay for your Booking either with one (1) deposit to the ELEMASYN® bank Account, or via PayPal. You can see the details on the page PAYMENT METHODS .

In the event that you make a Reservation on the Waiting List, you only pay when the availability of seats is confirmed by us.

Choice of Presentation Mode

Students choose how to present their chosen topic.

After payment of your Booking, we send you the Job Form to indicate the method of presentation.

There are two presentation modes:
• on stage
• in the Exhibition

There is a certain number of tasks that can be presented in each case. This means that if you are late, there may not be availability for the presentation mode you want.

Both (2) presentations are part of each Session and all students participate in their creation.

Tasks for stage presentation:
• Oral briefing – presentation of information with pictures and/or videos
• Discussion or disagreement between 2 parties (debate)
• Discussion with the audience – interactive presentation
• Video
• Dancing
•Theatrical work (fiction or representation of an event)
•Music – singing
Works for presentation at the Exhibition:
• Representation of creation – technique (eg: embroidery, painting, etc.)
• Demonstration of model / construction
•Poster – Painting – Collage

For more information about the job, please see the page INSTRUCTIONS FOR WORKS .

Send Participation Form

The Entry Form is completed when you have finalized student participations.

The Participation Form is an important step in registering for our conference, and its correct completion is essential for the correct process.
In the Participation Form, fill in the names of the students and teachers who will participate in the conference. Use lowercase letters to write the names, and make sure that the spelling is correct and without typographical errors. Accurate and correct completion of names is absolutely important for the issuance of Certificates of Participation.

It is important that these instructions are followed when completing the form in order to facilitate the process and ensure the correctness of the Certificates to be issued.

Assignment Assignment

Papers are sent to the Organization Directorate before the Conference.

Papers should be submitted in electronic format, no later than three (3) weeks before the date of the Conference .

It is important that you submit the final file of your paper, i.e. the final, completed version that you wish to present during the Conference and which will be included in the Conference Proceedings.

Paper submissions will not be accepted upon your arrival at the Conference. Papers must be submitted on time in order to ensure a smooth running of the Conference.

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