1st Student Contest

Student Cultural Creations in the cradle of Civilization

The «Greek – European Student Conferences», ELEMASYN, announces the student project: “Student Cultural Creations in the cradle of Civilization” (SCC), which will take place in Athens in the spring of 2021.

Educational Activities: Student Conferences

Student Conferences are Educational Activities through which students discover and cultivate their skills.

To whom do the Student Conferences address?

Student Conferences address to all students attending junior high school and high school years. Traditional school trips are upgraded to cultural activities with an educational and innovative character.

What is the role of students?

Students play a leading role in Conferences.
They select their work through the themes of each Conference, research, disagree, discuss and compose their proposal, and present their opinion.

The role of Teachers in Conference

The role of Supervising Teachers is very important. The effort of the children will take place under the supervision and guidance of their teachers in their school. We are confident that Teachers will take on the responsibilities they bestow.

The purpose of the Greek - European Student Conferences is for students to get acquainted with the research process, to love knowledge and to work with their peers from Greece and Europe.

Vai the Student Conferences, students have the opportunity to:

Be educated in the concept of Culture and Respect for the Environment. These goals are also included in the UNESCO Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

Participate in quality educational activities, also a fundamental right and a prerequisite for sustainable development.

Take full advantage of, and benefit from, technological progress.

Acquire Ecological Consciousness by studying the ecosystems of each country.

Enjoy complete freedom of expression, which is the basis of democracy, development and prosperity.

Understand that the rich cultural heritage serves as a bridge between generations and people.

Be informed about the value of the Greek and European Material and Intangible Cultural Heritage.