Educational Activities: Student Conferences

Student Conferences are Educational Activities through which the students discover and grow their skills.

Who are the Student Conferences for?

The Student Conferences are addressed to all students who attend Gymnasiums and Lyceums. Traditional school trips are upgraded to cultural activities with an educational and innovative character.

What is the role of students?

Students have the leading role in the Conferences.
They choose their project among the various topics of each Conference, and they discuss and present the fruit of their work during the Conferences.

What is the role of Teachers?

The role of supervising Teachers is essential. The students’ projects will take place under the supervision and guidance of their teachers within their school. We are confident that the Teachers will shoulder the responsibilities assigned to them with excellent results.

The purpose of the Conferences is for students to love research and knowledge and to collaborate with their peers from Greece and Europe.

Student Conferences are a means to:

Understand that cultural heritage serves as a bridge between generations and people.

Educate themselves on the concept of Culture and respect for the Environment. These goals are also included in the UNESCO Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

Participate in quality educational activities, which is a fundamental right and a necessary condition for sustainable development.

Take full benefit of technological advancement.

Develop ecological consciousness by studying the basic ecosystems of all countries.

Benefit from the freedom of expression, which is the basis of democracy, and development.

Experience a cross-cultural environment.

Be informed about the value of the European Cultural Heritage.